Imagine Lives Transformed (HEART)


  • Provide a clear plan for long-term spiritual growth
  • Each member developing his/her spiritual gifts and actively using them in significant service for God’s glory
  • Each member reflecting the mind of Christ in their attitude, actions and witness to the world
  • Equip a dedicated team of teachers and leaders focused on excellence in their calling


  • Provide resources for discipleship for unique points in a member’s spiritual journey
  • Develop an excellent integration system to move members into ministry and service
  • Place greater emphasis on personal and corporate prayer


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2 Responses to Imagine Lives Transformed (HEART)

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  2. Linda Townsend says:

    I am excited about all the parts of the Imagine program. However, as a single adult, I am most looking forward to the Heart emphasis. Revival always begins with the individual, and if I am not growing spiritually, I will not be a witness to those around me. I also look forward to working more within the church, using my spiritual gifts to help others.

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