New Schedule – September 9

Imagine Our Church Transformed

One of our goals under Imagining Our Church Transformed is to begin a new Bible Fellowship hour and new Worship service. This begins this coming Sunday, September 9.

We have identified a need to create more room for people. If we are going to grow as a church, we have to make room for more people. That is especially true in our Bible Fellowship hour. Since January, we have watched the steady growth that has been happening in Bible Fellowship. Our current schedule limits us in our growth. We are completely out of space in our 11 am hour. We even have adult classes meeting in preschool rooms. We need to start more classes so that we can grow, but our current schedule does not give us the room to do that.

We want to respond to the call of being the church that Jesus built. Jesus was driven to reach people. But, we know it is going to take selflessness, sacrifice, and commitment on our part. We have a clear calling from Christ to reach people. We are to go out into the community and all the world and compel people to come in. Reaching more people is not optional in Jesus’ church.

A New Bible Fellowship Hour

God is leading us to take this important step. In order to take this step, we are creating a new Bible Fellowship hour. By starting a new Bible Fellowship hour, we are going to greatly open our growth potential. Our church is a family. Sometimes in a family, everyone has to work together to accomplish a goal. The same is true for our church family. We are going to need everyone. Every class will be needed to participate – no class is exempt. We need everybody’s help, because we all have to walk forward together as a church to reach more people and make more room.

We are going to do it in a way that is strategic – a way that will not hamper our current growth, but will facilitate our new growth. By strategically placing classes in all three hours, we are creating room for growth in all three of those hours. Whether your class is moving to another hour or staying in the hour it was originally, your job is to do all that you can do to help grow your hour.

Making Room for One More

Are we doing this just for fun? Not exactly. We are doing this to position our church to reach new people just like Jesus has called us to do. We are making room for one more person. And by maximizing our current facilities by strategically placing these classes, we are actually making room for about 1,100 new “one more persons.” Doesn’t that get you excited?

Since we are starting a third Bible Fellowship hour, there will be a need to accommodate those people for worship. So, we are also starting a second worship service. How will this affect the first service? Well, instead of trying to split everything down the middle and obtain complete balance in both worship services, we are taking a different approach. We have strategically placed about 300 people of various ages in the new Bible Fellowship and Worship hour. Everyone else will stay in their current time of Worship and Bible Fellowship. There will still be about 1,000 people in the first service. There will still be a full choir and full orchestra in the first service and it will still be strong. The new second service will start with about 300 people in it. It will include most of the same music that will also be led by Keith Ferguson and Dr. Taylor will preach the same message and it will also be strong.

Where is Your Place?

We all have a part to play in this strategy to make room for one more. You can start by coming to church this Sunday and being in your strategic place. If you are not sure where your place is, feel free to call our Church Office at 972.512.3800 to find out or come to one of the Welcome Centers this Sunday and ask a greeter. We will have several greeters stationed around to make sure everyone can easily find their place.

September 9 is going to be a significant date in the history of Imagine. We hope you are as excited as we are and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

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