Spectacular Sunday

Spectacular Sunday

Last Sunday, September 9, was truly a day worth celebrating. We had an incredible morning as we launched our new schedule. We had a great attendance in both morning services (over 1,000 in the first service and over 400 in the second service) and we had almost twice the number of guests that normally attend. On top of all of that, we had 17 people join the church. God is definitely working in the hearts of people.

Imagine Goal – Double Our Current Worship & Bible Fellowship Attendance

Last Sunday was just the beginning of accomplishing this goal. In April, we announced as a preview of Imagine, that we would begin a new Bible Fellowship hour and a new Worship hour. This was an important step in positioning our church for greater growth.

Sunday was a great start to working towards our goal of doubling our current Worship and Bible Fellowship attendance, but the job is not complete. We have to continue to do our part in inviting folks to come and be a part of this exciting time at First Baptist Carrollton.

Who Will You Invite?

In preparation for this Sunday, ask the Lord who He wants you to invite to attend church with you. Pray about who might need to hear the message from the Pastor’s I Need a Miracle series, and then reach out and invite your friends to join you.

Imagine is more than dreaming dreams. It is putting our faith into action as we pursue the goals to which we have committed ourselves as a church family.

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