Bob & Kate Maddox Baptism


Imagine Our Church Transformed
One of our Imagine goals is to double our current Worship and Bible Fellowship attendance. One way that we are going to accomplish this goal is by telling others about our church and inviting them to come be a part of it with you. That is exactly what Becky Ellis did. Bob and Kate Maddox are Becky’s parents and they started coming to our church because Becky and her girls told them how much they liked First Baptist. So, Bob and Kate started coming with them and fell in love with the church as well. They had never been part of a church before that “does so much for so many people.”

They had been attending about a year and on Imagine Sunday, they saw the video of Becky and Nicole sharing their testimonies about how God changed their lives. Bob said that was the moment that he and Kate decided they wanted to be members of this church. On September 9, Bob and Kate walked forward during the invitation and joined the First Baptist Carrollton family.

Following in Obedience at Any Age
Although Bob and Kate had already accepted Christ into their lives, they had not yet been baptized following their salvation experience. After attending the Discover Class and talking with Dr. Taylor, they made the decision to follow in obedience and be baptized. On Sunday morning, September 30, 85-year-old Bob and 75-year-old Kate were baptized. What an exciting moment it was to see these two being baptized, at their age!

As Wade said that morning, “There should be nothing that keeps us from obeying the Lord Jesus Christ.” Bob and Kate are testimony to obedience. There are many excuses we can come up with to not follow in obedience, like your age, for instance. Bob and Kate didn’t let their age get in the way of doing what the Lord called them to do – and their baptism was a blessing to many.

Imagine What You Can Do
Bob and Kate are now a part of our church because someone invited them. Who can you invite? Is there someone that God has placed on your heart that you need to talk to about coming to church? Don’t let anything get in your way of making a difference in someone else’s life. Imagine what God can do through you.

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2 Responses to Bob & Kate Maddox Baptism

  1. Cindy Douglass says:

    Thank you Bob and Kate for your example of humble obedience to our Lord. I’m crying tears of joy. Seeing you baptized has renewed the REALITY of the hope I have for many in my family. Thank you Lord!

  2. Jenna Patton says:

    I loved watching them get baptized! It made me cry! 😀

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