Going to See Jesus

Church member Martha Olson was here on Imagine Sunday and heard the vision that Dr. Taylor laid out for our church. One of the goals of Imagine is for each member to develop his/her spiritual gifts and actively use them in significant service for God’s glory. Martha heard this and decided she needed to volunteer and use her gifts to serve in the Preschool Ministry. She contacted Marili Lindstrom, our Director, Preschool Education, and talked with her about how she could serve.

Martha offered to start coming once a month on Sunday mornings to help with Preschool Worship and also once a month on Wednesday nights in GlobeTrekkers, our weekly missions program for preschoolers. After serving for her first time on a Wednesday night, she asked if her twin grandsons could attend. Of course, the answer was yes! So, the next time she served, they came with her.

The GlobeTrekkers were studying the country of South Africa. Since they have a lot of traffic in Johannesburg, the preschoolers got to take turns riding around the halls on little scooters to give them a feel for what it was like. Martha’s grandsons had a lot of fun riding around in the scooters and also got to hear that night about our missionary who is serving in South Africa and how Jesus wants us to be willing to serve others.

When the evening was over, the twins’ mom showed up to take them home. Marili invited them to come back the next week and sent them off with a hug. Martha shared that the next morning their mother woke them up and the first question the children asked was, “Are we going back to church to see Jesus?”

The children have since enrolled in our Weekday Preschool and are getting to hear about Jesus every day.

Using your spiritual gifts in significant service will help you grow spiritually as a person and can also be a great ministry in the church. And, it could also have an eternal impact on someone else.

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One Response to Going to See Jesus

  1. Leannah Olson says:

    What a Blessing my twin boys are! Iam so Thankful for FBCC and the Preschool program, my boys have made a 100% transformation since attending the school and the Globetrekkers class. God is good!

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