Expanding Global Vision

A Simple Invitation
Rosa Aguirre has always loved music. Rosa’s friend, Nicole, invited her to a Christmas concert at First Baptist Carrollton. She decided to come and absolutely loved the music and the experience. She really felt God’s presence and was moved to tears.

A Changed Life
She kept attending for about six months. Then, on Mother’s Day in 2010, Rosa prayed to receive Christ into her life. A year later, also on Mother’s Day, Rosa was baptized. After her baptism, Rosa began to really get involved in the church and began to build relationships with other Christians. As she began to grow spiritually, God was changing her from the inside out. So much so, that her older sister noticed the change in her and told Rosa that it made her want to change to.

On August 26, Imagine Sunday, Rosa felt God telling her that He wanted her to help her aunt build a new church building in El Salvador. Rosa’s aunt’s church is currently a small building that is literally falling to pieces. It is very old and the roof is rusting. Every time it rains, it floods the entire building.

Imagine a World Transformed
One of the goals of Imagine is to increase each member’s global vision to reach all people groups with the Gospel – around the world and in our own community. Rosa is working to raise money to help build a new church building for her aunt’s congregation. She told her parents about what she wanted to do and even though they are not involved in church, they are very excited about her endeavor. They have been very supportive and have already been over to El Salvador to check out the area and take pictures of the location that the new church building could be built. Even Rosa’s uncle, who told Rosa that he has been running from God for the past ten years, has committed to help with this project. He said that this project has helped him turn back to the Lord and he wants to do everything he can for this so that others can find Christ as well.

Rosa has a heart for this church for her aunt because her aunt cares so deeply about the people in El Salvador and wants to see her community come to know Christ. Rosa’s aunt will have so many more opportunities to spread the love of Christ if they can have a place that they can regularly worship in each week.

How Can You Make a Difference?
Lives are being changed here in Carrollton and all the way to El Salvador because a teenager decided to ask her friend to come to church with her. Imagine the impact that Rosa’s aunt will be able to have in her community because Rosa was willing to listen to the call of God on her life. Who is God telling you to invite to church? What mission project is He telling you to be a part of? Imagine how our world can be changed if we all listened to God’s call on our lives and put it into action like Rosa did.

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