Imagine Families Transformed

Two of our Imagine goals are to “embrace the biblical concept that the center of spiritual growth is not the church, but the home” and to “strengthen families through an emphasis on biblical spiritual leadership.” Many of our Adult Bible Fellowship classes are striving toward these goals each Sunday morning as they study the Word of God.

One Adult Bible Fellowship class in particular is employing a teaching style that will help make these goals reality. Working with Mark Nesbit, this class recently selected a new lesson series aimed at getting each member to spend more time in God’s Word. “In the Word” is a homework based study which allows members to soak in selected Scripture verses all week in preparation for discussion on Sunday mornings. The class director has enlisted two of its members to lead discussion groups during the class time. They lead each group to share how God spoke to them in the passages, and then to explore the practical applications for their daily lives and for the lives of their families.

This class has enthusiastically stepped up to accept responsibility for their individual and family spiritual growth. This class is not only experiencing spiritual growth, but they are also seeing numerical growth in the process. Very soon, they will be birthing new classes as God continues to add to their numbers.

Through the testimony of this one particular class, all classes can be encouraged to strengthen families through an emphasis on biblical spiritual leadership.

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