Family Meeting – Show Some Love

Back in April, we shared together as a church in what we called a Family Meeting. During that time, we talked about different aspects of our church, but focused primarily on encouraging everyone to participate financially. We talked about Imagine and how one of the primary points of Imagine is personal spiritual growth, yet we cannot expect to grow spiritually and not be faithful to God with our finances.

ShowSomeLove-tvIn the Family Meeting, as well as in my sermon, I talked about Show Some Love which is a 90-day commitment to take the Lord at His Word and commit to tithe. Whether you are currently tithing or have never tithed, our church is being challenged to commit to tithe during May, June, and July to prove to ourselves the Lord’s faithfulness. I want to strongly encourage every member of our church to take up this challenge. Step out by faith over these 90 days and see what the Lord will do in your life.  If you have never tithed, let this be a new step of faith in your life.

If you missed the Family Meeting, you can watch it here. I think you will find it helpful and very informative. 

May God continue to bless our church, and may we see His hand of faithfulness upon our lives as we are faithful to Him.

The Best is yet to come!

Dr. Brent Taylor
Senior Pastor

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