RightNow Media

Over the last few years, it has become evident to all of us at First Baptist Carrollton that the center of spiritual growth is not the church, but the home. Several of our Imagine goals are based on this very understanding. Toward this end, we’ve provided a tool to every member of the church called RightNow Media.

RightNow Media contains over 2,000 video resources covering the whole spectrum of Christian life and offers something for everyone. Adults wanting to study the Bible can view videos that teach. Kids can enjoy educational children’s videos. Families can spend quality time together watching faith-based devotional content. Small groups can view a video-based curriculum together. Leaders can get their iron sharpened with high-quality video training resources. There’s so much that it’s hard to describe it all.

In addition, RightNow Media allows our staff to send out timely information, as well as training resources, that are customized just for you. Every member of the church has received an invitation to join this free service. If you’ve not signed up yet, please do so TODAY! For additional information, or for assistance getting an account set up, contact adults@fbcc.org.

Imagine all the opportunities for spiritual growth you and your family can have through RightNow Media. Click on this link to view the promotional video: RightNow Promo.

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