God’s Faithfulness

ShowSomeLove-tvIn response to the Show Some Love focus of our church, Dr. Taylor received the following testimony. This person found that as we put God to the test in the area of finances, the Lord always proves Himself faithful. Not only that, He also gives us opportunities to share His faithfulness to encourage others. We hope you will read this testimony from this woman and be encouraged to be part of Show Some Love. You can’t out-give God. Be faithful to Him and watch Him prove His faithfulness to you in your life.

I have always given a portion of my salary, but after hearing you talk about Show Some Love, I realized that I was not being completely faithful in my giving. I was giving, but not up to the level that God has required of me. With the amount I was already giving, the math just didn’t work out on paper. I am the sole provider for my home and I have more bills than I have income. Your sermon made me realize that I was not trusting God to show me that he could take care of me – even when it didn’t make sense on paper. I was trying to control it all and keep it at a place that I could manage it. After figuring out how much more I needed to be giving each pay period, I was really in a panic. But, I decided to surrender and give it over to God because that is what He has called us to do.

Today, someone very close to me gave me $200 out of the blue. I was completely blown away. It has only been a month since I have raised my giving up to a tithe and God is already showing me that He is in complete control. What a blessing for me to receive and for that person to be able to give to me – and God receives all of the glory. I might have missed this blessing had I not chosen to be faithful.

Only thirty minutes after I received this gift, my dad asked me to call him. He was upset because he came back to God after many years of being astray last December and started tithing. He is in the same situation as me – more bills than income. Someone had offered for him to do some work for them in January. He has tried to get in touch with this person since then and has not been able to. He wrote her a letter explaining his anger at her because she didn’t help him even though she knew that he needed the money. I was able to share with my dad my story that literally happened a half hour before.

I explained to him that instead of focusing on what that person didn’t do for him; that he needed to focus on allowing God to take care of his needs. He told me that he didn’t feel like he could ask God to care for him because of all of the bad stuff he had done in his life. He felt like God was punishing him and that he deserved to be where he was in life. With tears in my eyes, I was able to explain to him that no matter what we have done, that our God is a God of love and forgiveness. That God sent His Son to die on the cross for his sins, too. That God has a purpose for his life – even if he has done bad things. I suggested to him that he go to our website and watch the sermon from last week because you had preached on why bad things happen to good people. He watched it immediately and sent me an email telling me how much it meant to him and how much it helped him. He said that one thing you said in your sermon hit him dead on – that God uses disasters in our life to bring us closer to Him. He said, “It takes belief and faith and I may have to take two steps backward before I can go forward. But, I understand that God does have a plan for me and that plan is forged from love.”He went on to say that he had even forgiven the woman that he was angry with and now realized that it was not her responsibility to bail him out of a hole that he had dug himself.

You said in your sermon that we needed to put God to the test to show Himself faithful to us if we are faithful to Him. I stepped out in faith and God has blessed me twice in one day to show me His faithfulness! I wasn’t expecting the financial gift. But, more than that, I was not expecting to be able to use that story to have a spiritual conversation with my father about the very same topic.

Thank you, Brent, for challenging us to step out in faith. It has only been a month, but it has already changed my life for the better!

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