In Memory of Dr. Wayne L. Allen


Today marks the two-year anniversary since the passing of Dr. Wayne Allen. Dr. Allen led First Baptist Carrollton for 34 1/2 years and was not only a great pastor, but a role model for the Christian life. His vision led our church to where we are today and his legacy lives on in our congregation. Dr. Allen was a man of great dreams and convictions. Our influence in this community and around the world is largely due to the leadership demonstrated by Dr. Allen.

As we think about Imagine, I can’t help but think how pleased Dr. Allen was about the goals associated. He believed the greatest days for our church were in front of us and Imagine helps to spell out how we will, by the Lord’s help, make those dreams a reality.

We stand on the shoulders of great leaders who have gone before us. Now it is our turn to carry the torch and continue to proclaim the Gospel until Christ’s return. Today we honor a great servant of the Lord by remembering the life of Dr. Allen, yet we also honor him by looking ahead to the future and imagining all God will do through First Baptist Carrollton.

The Best is yet to come!

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